Project Location: Fort Smith, AR

Project Type:  Multi-Family Residential

Design Year:   2017

Construction Year: 1887

Since teaming up with Historical Holdings in 2017, jointly we have preserved and renovated over 5 Victorian-era houses located in the Belle Grove Historic District of Fort Smith, AR.  Each unique property has singularly received full Historic Tax Credits, all of which conform to the Secretary of Interior’s  and National Park Service’s Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings.  These originally single-family residences have been converted to a modern-day, multi-family property.

These fragile and forgotten structures have since been breathed new life and stand as proudly as when they were initially constructed. Our projects, to name a few, have spanned an 1888 residence once owned by a prominent business man of Fort Smith, a 16-bedroom boarding house now a present-day four-plex, and an 1887 Queen Ann Cottage-style residence of a distinguished surgeon doubling as both his home and his clinic.

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