Project Location: Dallas, TX

Project Type:  Installation

Design Year:  2016

Construction Year: 2016


Acrylic on Canvas – 8’x12′

Since 2000, Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport has welcomed one billion passengers from all over the world and connected them in the next step along their journey. “Convergence” is a tribute to that enormous accomplishment.

A singular point, unique in color, was assigned as the literal reference of the one billionth customer. This point represents the impact of a single traveler and reminds us the value each individual holds within the whole – together they make up a vibrant hub of travel but yet, are uniquely significant.

A time lapsed recording was taken so the viewer can discover the fascinating process behind this piece. Using specialized computerized tools, we input minimal, but key variables including colors carefully selected to represent the remarkably diverse population of travelers that pass through DFW Airport. Our tools received these variables and created this piece organically – allowing the result to be defined purely by the canvas’ perimeter and the tools themselves. Creating it’s own story of our airport’s evolution, dot-by-dot. Person-by-person – a billion times over.

Through the inspiring sight of a billion points of color, this art piece is the airport’s way of thanking each and every person who has been fundamental in DFW Airport reaching such an incredible milestone.