We understand today’s consumers. Millennials, Gen Z, whatever you want to call the next generation. We know they want spaces that are more than livable and workable. They want interactive and well-designed environments that are engaging. And we know how to communicate and create that for them.

We combine the best of all worlds. Design is no longer a standalone discipline. From branding your project, to design, development, investor relations, marketing, and education — it all needs to be more integrated and interwoven into communities than ever before and at MADE.Design, we do that seamlessly.

The vision behind MADE.Design is simple. To fix a broken industry by putting clients and creativity and collaboration first. We don’t believe in red-tape or subscribe to bureaucratic systems.

The services we provide at MADE.Design help streamline a complex and often dysfunctional process, while amplifying aesthetic appeal, increasing ROI, and presenting a final product that has impeccable branding and design baked into its very blueprints.

Meet the Principal

Jared Skinner

Co-Founder & Principal Designer

jared-skinnerJared Skinner is an award-winning architectural designer. Born in Greenwood, a small rural area of Northwest Arkansas, Jared received his Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) from the University of Arkansas. While there, he also won the coveted opportunity to study at the renowned UA Rome Center in Rome, Italy. His travel to different parts of the world – the Middle East, Latin America, and Europe – has been a key influence in his artistic and professional development.

Jared draws simultaneously from his roots in the Ozarks and his fascination with the social complexity of fast-paced urban cities. He believes that being a citizen of a global community requires both humility and innovation, and his work reflects this ethos.

In 2014, Jared arrived in Dallas, TX to launch his own design firm with an axiom to not only question the acting role of architecture + design, but to fully explore user experience at the intersection of pixels and power tools. As a millennial, his unique perspective on how to design for the connected consumer has been very much in demand. His clients have spanned continents and industries and include technology start-ups, consulting firms, digital agencies, and community developers. He has worked with reputable brands such as Greystar Real Estate Partners, GFF, Corgan, Zen Media, Spire Realty, McKinsey Consulting, and Starbucks.

“Having worked at both the corporate level and independently with brands, across the board I found the status-quo in architecture to be sequestered, narrow, and out of touch with modern consumers and their needs. I wanted a firm where clients, creativity and collaboration come first. No room for egos. Everybody wins. This is the future of architecture and design.”

Jared is currently the principal designer at MADE.Design. He resides in Dallas, Texas, with plans to contribute to the urbanization and thriving growth of the metroplex and beyond.