At MADE, our goal is to design physical spaces and experiences that seamlessly integrate branding and marketing and appeal to younger generations. That’s why we wanted to share with you a little bit about WeWork, a global network of workspaces that is changing the way companies collaborate and workers spend their days.

WeWork also envisions space as an experience, and they use teams of artists, engineers, and designers to create custom workspaces for their customers. They view their workspaces as dynamic environments where creativity and collaboration are meant to flourish, rather than just offices that are inhabited for eight hours a day.

It’s clear that WeWork’s custom collaborative workspaces are a break from the traditional office space that has garnered so much hate over the years. And it makes sense. Companies are learning that rigid and homogenous office spaces aren’t conducive to creativity, community, and employee growth.

We should all be watching these innovative new work spaces and taking note of their success. But not just watching—learning. There are plenty of reasons that these coworking spaces are so popular. Common spaces with unique aesthetics and vibes, glass walls to incorporate natural light, and scalability for anticipated growth are just a few of the reasons that new, innovative startups and businesses are attracted to these spaces.

One of the best parts about these designs, and something that we think everyone can learn from, is that each location is different—they all have their own unique design that’s partially driven by the neighborhood, the coworking scene, and the building itself. It provides an authenticity that millennials feel more comfortable with than the eerily similar buildings and offices of older generations.


It’s the idea that creativity thrives in an environment that is unique and interesting in itself. And that’s part of the shift in thinking that WeWork is attempting to create through their custom workspaces.

WeWork claims that they’re not just trying to change the way that we work, but start a movement towards a new way of living. It’s a bold statement, but it certainly seems like design is trending in that direction. Millennials blend their work and personal lives in ways that would have been unthinkable, or at least undesirable, a few decades ago. But by bringing the personality and comforts of home to the work environment, coworking spaces like WeWork are capitalizing on that blend, while at the same time helping it progress even further.

It’s high time that more of the spaces we work, live, and interact in began taking this approach. We need to forget preconceived notions about what spaces should look like, how they should be used by consumers. It’s time to listen to what those consumers are telling us, and to deliver designs that engage and excite a new generation.

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