A s every restaurateur knows, visuals are vital when it comes to appetite – Instagram is a testament to that fact. But other than displaying ever more stylist-perfected images of their dishes to tempt consumers to buy, there hasn’t been a way to branch out and innovate in their marketing based on that basic tenet – up until now.

A startup called Kabaq has pioneered an augmented reality app that allows restaurants to offer 3D pop-up models of every item on their menu. Hungry consumers can inspect any dish that strikes their fancy from all sides, even adjusting portion sizes and switching out sides in order to customize their dish to perfection.

This kind of interaction with a dish practically guarantees its purchase, especially since this type of marketing is exactly what resonates with Millennials and Gen Z – tech, engagement, and personalization. Restaurants may choose to use it to push specials, or the more profitable items on their menu, or just to make eating at their establishment a more unique experience.

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