Is it a product for consumer use? An innovative exercise in branding through architectural design? An interactive marketing tool?

It’s all three at once.

LEGO will open a brand new Experience Center in Denmark on September 28, 2017. Its design riffs on the whimsical nature of LEGO toys by incorporating their signature bumpy building block floors, with each different space boasting a different vibrant color of the plastic bricks.

This is a building that no other company or organization could conceivably call home, so tightly is its branding enmeshed with its design.

But LEGO didn’t stop there. They added yet another layer to this marketing nesting doll by creating a product to distribute in connection with the center’s opening – a new LEGO set that builds a miniature replica of the Experience Center!

In acquiring and interacting with this new product, LEGO’s customers will be on the receiving end of repeated marketing and branding messages ensconced within each other and within its design. And this is exactly the kind of marketing and design methods that are most effective with today’s consumer.

For Millennials and Generation Z especially, effective branding must be engaging and interactive, innovative and creative. LEGO’s approach hits the nail on the head.

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